Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase

March 23, 2017

ATLANTA FINANCIAL PLANNERS learning how to unlock home equity to allow their clients’ to keep their money invested to ensure portfolio survivorship.  This is the title of a posting that Genie McGee, Reverse Mortgage Specialist here in Atlanta, recently posted on LinkIn.

As a full time real estate consultant and financial advisor, I have dedicated many years to home financing and re-financing, to include the Reverse Mortgage.  While the mortgage gets a bad rap from many, those with knowledge (like myself) will support the benefit it holds for some.

For example, you own your home outright or have a great deal of equity in your home, yet now it is time to move to a sunny climate, purchase a second home, downsize.  In any case you are ready to make a change.  Selling your home (assuming you qualify in age) allows you to purchase a new home without putting all the equity into it.  Instead, get the RM, never have a house payment, and use the remaining equity to further fund your retirement or other financial vehicles you have to grow your networth.  Simple concept when you work with someone who understands it.Buying a house / home