Renovation Incentives for Sellers

May 6, 2020

Selling Your Atlanta House

Has COVID made you shrink into your shell at the thought of selling your home?  For some, COVID has inspired perks for those looking to sell their home.

For qualifying homeowners, I have a partner who will make those renovations and updates to your home and allow you to pay at closing.

It gets better.  Called a “no-loss guarantee” this program ensures that the seller will only pay for the actual value a renovation delivers.  For example, if renovations cost $50,000 but only increase the sale price of the home by $30,000 – that’s all the homeowner pays for the service at closing.

On the other hand, if those same renovations and updates result in an increase in sales price to $60,000, the vendor and the homeowner will share the additional profit.

Contact me to see what the best price would be for your home.