Expatriates Guide To Atlanta

February 16, 2017

The Expatriates Guide to Atlanta

For many decades, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have been the top US cities for foreign nationals looking to live abroad—or even for those looking to obtain citizenship. In recent years, the ATL is giving these major metropolises a run for their money—meaning there is a growing need to educate those moving here to experience the American Dream firsthand.

Expatriates Guide To Atlanta

Atlanta is growing at a rapid pace, and is the home of many emerging industries—tech, TV, film, fashion, health, and more. As an expatriate, you may have an idea of what to expect when moving to America—but you are likely to become overwhelmed with all you have to learn and arrange.

As someone living abroad in the ATL, I decided to streamline the process for newcomers—by writing The Expatriates Guide to Atlanta. This informational guide provides any foreign national or repatriating national the insights they need to know once they arrive. While the guide provides invaluable information for any expatriate moving to the states, this guide caters specifically to Georgia and Atlanta.

What You’ll Learn In Your Guide To Atlanta

The truth is, the everchanging structural landscape is confusing even for U.S. natives! So yes, it becomes even trickery for someone new to the states—especially if English is not your first language.

In your guide to Atlanta, you will learn essential information regarding factors such as:

  • An in-depth moving checklist
  • Obtaining Healthcare, car title, financing, social security
  • Obtaining or renewing your driver’s license
  • Filing national and state income tax
  • American culture, and what you need to know about Atlanta
  • And more!

With the rapid international growth, the Expatriates Guide to Atlanta is in such demand—that the guide and book is not only available for sale—but I am asked to speak in person around the city to answer questions in person.

Reach out now to schedule a speaking engagement, or simply order your guide now!