Cyclorama? What’s that?

February 8, 2017

cyclorama overall view

cyclorama-overall-viewThe long-awaited move into its new home is coming this week.   The “Cyclorama”, a 359 degree piece of art depicting the Battle of Atlanta will be moved from Grant Park to The Atlanta History Center in Buckhead.

“No other object can so vividly tell the story of how attitudes toward the Civil War have been shaped and reshaped over the past 150 years,” Atlanta History Center President and CEO Sheffield Hale said, in a statement. “When combined with our extensive Civil War collections, expert staff, and educational programming capacity, The Battle of Atlanta will become one of the best tools in the nation to demonstrate the power of the use and misuse of historical memory.”

The full Cyclorama experience, complete with the addition of the restored 1856 Texas locomotive and enhanced interpretation and exhibitions, is projected to open in fall 2018.

Information and photo credited to Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2//8/17 article.