Real Estate Agent Sherry von Klitzing

Atlanta Real Estate Consultant—Putting Your Needs First

Atlanta Real Estate Consultant takes a “client first” approach to real estate. We aim to simplify, and eliminate the common stress associated with buying and selling—which is why we are consultants, not just your average realtor!

Your Dedicated Real Estate Advocate, Financier, and Consultant

When you’re buying: if you are looking for a first home, vacation home, next home, or commercial space in Atlanta, GA—I will help you finance your dream property! I understand the right questions to ask to ensure you make an educated investment, and also to ensure that your property meets all of your needs. There is little that pleases me more than the moment I’m able to inform a buyer that “this home is yours!”

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Your Atlanta Real Estate Financier

There are many reasons to buy and sell. Maybe you are fulfilling the American Dream of home ownership. Maybe you are looking for an investment property. Maybe you are upsizing or downsizing to meet your current needs for space and function. Whatever your needs may be, I will be right by your side!

My goal is to make buying fun, easy, and stress free! I have the experience and knowledge required to help you achieve your goals. More importantly, I partner with you in your success!

Next Steps

Before we get started, let’s take a few minutes to chat—and make sure we are a good fit. I encourage all of my clients to speak with a few loan consultants before making their final decision. My satisfied clients tell me they select me because I am friendly and professional—but also knowledgeable and honest.  My background in financial consulting and real estate are what set me apart.

If you are looking for a real estate consultant who will truly put you first—reach out today.